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Beginning to Present, Full Circle

As many of you know I have been working with Ambassadors Football for the last year and a half to help a build football training facility, here in Haiti.  They very generously paid for me to travel to Cleveland, Ohio October 1st -11th, to attend their biennial International Leadership conference.  The conference was great and I got to meet leaders from over 25 different countries who are sharing Christ and equipping individuals through soccer.  I will be sharing more on this later, but I wanted to highlight a unique memory that came “full circle” for me on this trip.

13 years ago, I was coming out of a very rough patch of my life.  I did not have peace in my life.  I had a lot of questions, fears, and plenty of selfish desires.  I knew something had to change or I risked doing incredible harm to myself and others.  I decided to give my life to Christ, giving him permission to once again be Savior and Lord.   It was not an easy time as I had not yet found a church, nor did I have many christian friends to consult with.

I had been working in Commercial real estate in Gardena, CA.  Every day I would get up, put on the nicest suit (I only had one) and with false confidence I’d jump into my ’88 Honda accord (missing a side window) and head to work.   I would pass LAX, get on the 105 to the 110 to the 91 freeway making the drive about 25 minutes.  During my drive I would try to pray for glimmers of hope that God was aware of me and knew my struggles.   One morning I had the thought to look for and listen to a Christian radio station.  Scrolling through stations, I found this man with a Scottish accent preaching the word of God.  His name was Alistair Begg, his radio station ministry was Truth for Life ministries.  It quickly became my morning mentoring and routine.   I began to match up things I was reading or pondering to the truths he was preaching in his messages.  He was my first radio pastor.

Our conference was taking place at Parkside Church in Cleveland.  They have partnered over the years with Ambassadors Football.   We began with a time worship & teaching.  After worship I watched this man get up and ask us to open our bibles to I Thessalonians chapter 1.  The voice was oh so familiar and it took me back to my morning commute many years ago.  It was  Alistair Begg.  Our conference was being hosted by his church.  He loves soccer and supports the work of Ambassadors Football.  I realized that this moment was my “beginning” in the Lord as well as my “present”.  It had come full circle.

I love how God brings our lives together.  I am thankful for this mans faithfulness and his impact on my life in the beginning stages of my walk with Christ as well as my present.

I pray that our impact and legacy continues over the course of many years in other peoples lives!

.Alistar Begg 2

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Psalm 15-Our families Psalm

Recently we celebrated our learning….

As a family we were prompted by the Lord, to take this Psalm into our hearts.   Risa, Asher and I memorized it over the course of a week.  Keziah and Salem did well too.  Our reward was a night out to dinner and we even got to watch a movie!  It has been very useful in this season.  God Bless!

Psalm 15

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Seek and save the lost….


Name: Luckenson Pierre

City: Carrefour
Age: 13

Romans 10:20

…,”I was found by those who did not seek me; I revealed myself to those who did not ask for me.”

He came near our table at the bible study.  Quiet, timid and tired.  The guys at our table called him near,  “Little brother, come sit down.”  He sat down and we introduced ourselves and asked why he was at the hospital.  He told us his Mom was sick, and inside.  He said he was all alone.  As a sleepy fatigue from the afternoon heat covered him, we began to share about the hope we have in Jesus Christ.  He told us he didn’t know much about who Jesus was.   That day we were in Romans 11 discussing the grafting-in process.  We talked about abiding and being united with Christ(John 15).  Afterwards we shared with Luckenson that he didn’t have to be alone and that he could unite his life with Jesus.  That he could be forgiven, comforted and led into eternity one day through Christ.

The above picture was 20 minutes after he decided to give his life to Jesus Christ.  To be grafted in and abide in Christ.  We prayed with him and for him and the health of his mom.  We have not see him again, but trust God will water those seeds and cause them to grow.

Please pray for this young man that he would have others to encourage and disciple him!  Pray for his safety and health and that God would cause him to bear fruit that would last.

IMG_1343 Through out the week we worked on an aquaponic project at my house, then in the afternoon Tuesday and Thursday we had plans to go to the bible study at Chancerelle.   My visiting friend Loren, asked me if we have ever done communion with the bible study in Chancerelle.  I said, “no, but if we do we should pray that new people come, cause it is the perfect moment to share what Jesus has done for us!”  Loren asked if we could do it that afternoon.  The two of us stopped and prayed right there and asked that God would send new people to the banqueting table a few hours later. As we sat down at the bible study a guy and girl joined the normal crew…they were new!!!  Soon after another young man (Ti-Wosh) joined the table followed by another guy.  We had 4 new individuals sitting at our table with the plans of holding communion.  As we started I asked the guests to share their names, where they live, and if they had made Jesus Lord and Savior in their lives.  One by one the guests shared.  All four of them declared they were not followers of Jesus.   I asked them if they had heard the good news, the Gospel.  They unanimously stated, “Chak jou” which means everyday! My friend Constant graciously shared with them and explained how one makes a decision to not only believe but also follow his word.  We explained Grace through Faith.  One of them raised his hand and said, “So if I make Jesus lord over my life and follow him, whats in it for me?”  He was as genuine as can be in his question.  As we sat there a breeze blew over the table and my friends pages of his bible turned and landed on John 3:16.  You should have seen the look on Loren’s face!  Loren read form the passage and we went on to explain eternal life, peace, the abundant life and the fruit of the Spirit. So many more questions were asked this day but as Constant led them through a prayer of confession acknowledgement of sin and acceptance of grace all four put their faith in Christ.  All of us broke crackers and sipped juice in remembrance of our Savior.  What a great moment! We have seen few of them off and on and two disappeared.  This is quite common in this area but please keep them in your prayers.   Here are their names:

Berthony Edouard
Wilnison Edouard
Jean Fritz Daniel
Youseline Pierre
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Chancerelle Notes 2/26: A Father’s Blessing

                     IMG_0974           IMG_0973

A Fathers request, and a Father’s blessing: 

While 6 beautiful people were visiting from our home church in Ellensburg, WA we witnessed some special moments with the church in Chancerelle.  One that sticks out was a man named Schneider asked for us to pray for his daughter that she would grow in knowledge and wisdom.  We all laid hands on her and asked God to bless her.  It was important for the Father’s faith to be put to action.   I watched as he secretly prayed his own prayer for his daughter.

Proverbs 2:6

For the Lord gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.

After this a guy in our study named Gilbert said, “we should go into the hospital and prayer for people.”…, and before we knew it we took prayer time into the hospital.  It was actually one of the most difficult times of prayer I have experienced because of the level of suffering and pain happening in those moments with some of the patients.  It is a government run hospital with little to no equipment and material to help patients.  Our group from Wa. made sure to let the guys in the bible study enter the hospital first and minister.  This was an important step by the men of Chancerelle to initiate it and completed by them.  What a joy it has been to see their faith grow and to see it lead to action.   Keep these guys in your prayers as they struggle to eat weekly and don’t have much work.

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